Thursday, November 26, 2009

What a Turd!

This picture is of the small square of wood chips that surrounds the one sorry tree on our block. Some prick lets his/her dog roam without a leash and crap wherever the hell it wants. Just like the cigarrettes, these people leave their dogs' filth in their backyards until it piles up and attracts swarms of flies.

This one's of the smear my wife left after she stepped in a fresh pile and nearly fell down. I'd consider suing but the person's entire wealth probably consists of puffy Eagles jackets and 3 packs of Walmart brand wifebeaters.

It's a crappy day in South Philly and it's trash day.


  1. this one elicited a literal LOL from me. Good work Trashman!

  2. But . . . I thought you were trying to expand your wardrobe of puffy Eagles jackets and wifebeaters? So get suing! No time to lose!

    On a related note, I got props from a UCD street cleaner yesterday morning for picking up my dog's poop! It was the highlight of my day!

  3. It kinda looks like a condom is in the middle of that tree box. I'm sure you see those lying around as well.