Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Perfectly Timed

I'm scooting home from school late tonight when a blue Mercury Sable is stopped in the middle of the street. Double parking in South Philly? Go figure. Anyway, the lights are on so I wait to see if they notice me and start to move. After about 30 seconds, the passenger door starts to open and I hear a female voice say, "Well shit." You can do the voice out loud if you want.

A guy politely responds, "I told you to get yo' fat ass out the car 3 minutes ago!" The passenger door starts to open and out steps a fat chick holding a nearly empty bottle of Heineken. She's barely two feet out the door when the car speeds off, slamming shut the open door. She stands there, with a half pissed, half drunk face, but not at all surprised. She waves me on with her beer laden hand.

It's Monday in South Philly and it's trash day.

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